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[In Depth] Group Exhibition at AKI Gallery (Taipei)

「Coexist (Fishes)」2019

Oil on Panel Japanese paper


Several of Ai Shinohara's works will be exhibited in a group exhibition at AKI Gallery (Taipei).

[In Depth]

4 November - 3 December 2023

AKI Gallery (Taipei)

Cooperation:FUMA Contemporary Tokyo

Exhibition Artist: Y. Kanemaki, Y. Nakazato, I. Inada, A. Kita, A. Irie, K. Yamada, A. Shinohara, R. Nishioka

AKI Gallery (台北)でのグループ展に、篠原愛の旧作が数点展示されます。

「In Depth」


AKI Gallery (台北)

協力:FUMA Contemporary Tokyo

出展作家: 金巻芳俊 中里勇太 稲田侑峰 北彩子 入江明日香 山田航平 篠原愛 西岡良太

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